Currently the latest public version.

Highly recommended update from 3.0

Compatible :

  • Patch
  • Patch
  • Patch
  • Patch
  • Patch
  • Many issues were fixed from 3.0 including major problems with modern GPUs resulting in a black screen.

    Performance has been slightly improved, fixed visual bugs and disabled broken features.

    Changelog :

  • Fixed lighting intensity
  • Fixed bloom intensity
  • Fixed lens flare intensity
  • Fixed bug with the bloom being blocky
  • Fixed the sky looking wrong at night on EFLC and 1070
  • Fixed the vignetting that was too strong sometimes

  • Added new color processing
  • Added new slider for lens flare control

  • Removed DOF by default
  • Removed godrays for now
  • Removed color effects and noise

  • Changed SSAO settings to slightly faster settings